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Bapu Padmanabha entered Musical Fantasy by Flute purchased at the village festival. In his college days, while studying Tool and Die engineering, he became so obsessed with his instrument flute that he started treating his idol Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, as his Guru in absentia. Finally, in 1999, he met his idol who permitted him to his classes after a short demonstrational performance and began the learning process, exploring the vistas of his Musical talents and perfecting his style of playing. Later, Bapu received a monthly scholarship called the “Panna Devi Music Scholarship” for a complete year from Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. This was a display of definite confidence that his Guru had instilled in him. 


Bapu Flute is celebrated for his flute mastery and contributions to Indian classical music. Bapu has captivated audiences worldwide with his soulful renditions, showcasing the beauty and intricacy of the flute. His performances are not just musical presentations but also deeply spiritual experiences, as he infuses his music with profound emotions and spiritual essence. Bapu's artistry goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a medium for healing, peace, and unity, embodying the ancient wisdom of Indian classical music.


His music is a transcendent journey that blends the rich traditions of Indian classical music with his unique expression and interpretation. Through his flute, Bapu weaves melodies that resonate with profound emotional depth, touching the hearts and souls of his listeners. His compositions and improvisations are imbued with a sense of spirituality and devotion, reflecting his deep connection to the divine and the universe.


Bapu's music is not merely a performance but a transformative experience, invoking feelings of peace, tranquility, and inner harmony. With each note, he transports his audience to a realm where time seems to stand still, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the beauty and serenity of the moment.


His flute becomes an extension of himself, allowing him to express the most intricate nuances of emotion with effortless grace. Whether performing traditional ragas or improvising on the spot, he can connect with his audience profoundly, evoking feelings of joy, longing, serenity, and awe.


What sets him apart is his technical skill and the spiritual dimension he brings to his music. Each note seems to carry the weight of centuries of tradition and wisdom, transporting listeners to a realm where time stands still and the soul finds solace.


The flute becomes more than just a musical instrument; it becomes a conduit for transcendence, a vessel for the expression of the divine, and a source of healing and inspiration for all who can listen.

Date of Birth - 18/11/1978

Birth Place - Harihar (Davanagere Dist) Karnataka


Primary and High School - MKET School Harihar (Davanagere District) Karnataka

Tool and Die Making - 5 yrs Tool and Die Making Training Government Tool Room and Training Centre (An Indo Danish Project) GTTC Hospet (Vijayanagara)

Worked as Engineer - 1 Year in Tata Automotive Components Pune, Maharashtra. 


Music Producer – Aantardhwani Productions

Composer / Performer at Aantardhwani “Sound and Emotions”


Bansuri/Indian Bamboo Flute 

Vocals/Meditative Chants 


Indian Classical Flute Brindavan Gurukul Mumbai – September 1999. 

Guru - Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia

Light Music Improvisation Ragashree Institute of Music Bangalore – January 2006. 

Guru - Vidwan Sri.Mandolin Prasad

South Indian Rhythms Shruti Sindhoora Music Academy – February 2008.

Guru - Vidwan Sri.Ravishankar Sharma

Indian Mantra Chants Shankar Veda Paatha Shaala Harihar - March (1992-96). 

Guru - Sri.Dattatreya Bhat Harihar


Solo Indian Classical Flute / Bansuri


Conceptualized Concerts

Mantra Chants/Rendition

Vachana Singing


Instrumental Music Education 

Music Learning Theory


Music and Meditation 


Bansuri/Indian Bamboo Flute. 

Freelance North Indian Classical Hindustani Music Style Solo performer 2000 – Present. 

Performance with Teacher HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA as an accompaniment 2010. 

Music Director/Solo Flautist for South Indian Kannada Feature Film. 

Recorded famous BOLLYWOOD singers of India SHANKAR MAHADEVAN, HARIHARAN, and SHAAN 

Various Recordings for publication promotion, 2004 – present. 

e.g.: New Age Music, Lahari Music, Raagini Audio, Aantardhwani Productions 

Film Music scoring for Kannada Movies - present

Performances at OSHO International Commune from 2003-06. 

Recordings and Performances with KARIM AMARI from Germany 2004-05. 

Duet Flute concerts with JAN KYNCL from the Zech Republic 2008 – present. 

Performed with various Musicians from Australia, Germany, Italy, Africa, etc. at Meditation sessions.

Performed with Manish Vyas for Meditation Group from Germany - 2015 

Corporate film and commercial recording with South Indian Cine Music and other independent contractors, 2004 – present. 

Performed in all major Classical Music festivals as a solo artist 2003-present.



Composed Music for the Musical Periodic  Kannada Feature Film ALLAMA directed by renowned Director T.S.NAGABARANA.

Worked with eminent singers like RAJESH KRISHNAN, HEMANT, and SANGEETA KATTI. etc.


Teaching – Haripriya Venu Mandir Pune 2000. 

Ragashree Music Institute – 2004 

Shruti Sindhoora Music Academy – 2006 

Aantardhwani School of Tabla Pune - 2008

Instrumental Methods Classes, Improvisation. 

Teaching - Aantardhwani School for Performing Arts Bangalore, Pune, Kalaburgi 2020-present. 


Instrumental Music Education Workshop.Haripriya Venu Mandir Pune - 2003. 

Instrumental Music Workshop.Veereshwara Punyashrama Gadag – 2005. 

Improvisation and Instrumental Music, Shruti Sindhoora Music Academy – 2004. 

Understanding Classical Music.Shruti Sindhoora Music Academy – 2005. 

Music and Meditation Session Pyramid Valley International Bangalore  – 2013.

Music Learning Theory and Instrumental Music Instruction, Panchakshari Gavayi Music School 

Sindhanur – 2006. 

Music and Meditation Seminar Gavisiddeshwara Ayurvedic Hospital Koppal – 2009. 

Stress management with the help of Music Tool Engineering College Hospet – 2009. 

Healing Power of Sound Vikram Hospitals in Bangalore – 2010.  


IMA Indian Music Academy 

Basava Samithi

Aantardhwani School of Music 

Flying Carpet Productions 

Sound Ideas Productions

Shruthalaya Films

Shruthi Sindhoora Music Academy

Ragashree Music Academy

BAPA Academy for Performing Arts

Dhyan Deepa Yoga Centre





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